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Embassy Bakeries Distributing Co.

For over three generations, Embassy Bakeries Distributing Co. has been providing superior service and quality with fair pricing to area restaurants and food service establishments.  


We represent many major Michigan-based bakeries that can meet all your bakery needs.

Our current product line includes:

  • Metropolitan Baking Co.

  • Brown Bun Baking Co.

  • Milano Baking Co.

  • Vitale Brothers Bakery, Inc.

  • Cantaro's Italian Bakery Co.

  • Better Made Potato Chips

  • Superior Bread Co.

  • Sophia's Baking Co.

  • Nickle's Baking Co.

  • Orlando Baking Co.

  • American Bakery Co.

  • Dempster Baking Co.

  • Stiemar Baking Co.

  • Grecian Delight

  • Eyesmeen Pita

  • Knickerbocker Bakery Co.

  • Great Lakes Baking Co.

  • LaJalascience Tortilla Co.

  • Vlore Cinnamon Swirl Bread - We are the exclusive bakery supplier!


We carry a multitude of products that can be customized to your needs & menus.  

Please review our general product list under the "Our Breads" tab. 


We would be privileged to meet with you, quote our pricing & help lower your food costs.  


Father and Son - Steve & Steven Lagas

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